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Sunday, January 27, 2019

Re: Re: Hey Tutor State, betting on Super Bowl? Stream it live to find out who wins!

Hey Tutor State,

We’re days away from Super Bowl LIII 2019! I notice that you’ve mentioned sports betting in the article “Football betting – how to win regularly” here:, so I thought your readers might be looking for a way to support their favorite team live.

This guide compares the pricing, games carried, device compatibility, and trial durations of the top NFL streaming options. Want to catch the games free? Try the NFL mobile or Yahoo Sports app. Catching it with friends on a big screen? Stream PlayStation Vue in HD with a 7-day trial.

But what if you can’t access the streams where you are? Whether you’re in an off-market state or outside of the States, a VPN bypasses content blackouts. Everything you need to know about streaming NFL is here:

Feel free to share this guide on your post with an article link. If it’s easier, I could also write a guest post summarizing the top tips. Let me know how we can work together.

Best regards,

Ophelia Johnson

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