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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Chapter 21, Problems 4, 7. A single loop of wire ...

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Chapter 21, Problem 4.
A single loop of wire with an area of x1 m2 is in a uniform magnetic field that has an initial value of x2 T, is perpendicular to the plane of the loop, and is decreased with the constant rate of x3 T/s.
(a) What emf is induced in this loop?
(b) If the loop has a resistance of x4 Ω, find the current induced in the loop.

Chapter 21, problem 7.
 A closely wound rectangular coil of N turns has dimensions of x1 cm by x2 cm. The plane of the coil is rotated from a position where it makes an angle of x3ᵒ with a magnetic field of x4 T to a position perpendicular to the field. The rotation takes x5 s.
What is average emf induced on the coil?