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Thursday, August 20, 2020

Dear tutorstate.7777High quality and cheap products from China 14:09:08

Dear tutorstate.7777:


Hello Mr/Ms

Hope you all well in this hard period!

I am from a mask manufacturer in Anhui province, China We are trying to develop global trading market, and we find out this email address by website research. I'm really sorry if this email bothered you.

We can now provide all kinds of clothing and protective masks。

Mask products(kn95 mask. civilian mask. disposable medical mask. meltblown cloth etc.).

Clothing products (seasonal finished men's and women's clothing, customized clothing, off season clothing, etc.)

Our advantages:

1. The suitable price.

2. Fast shipping.

Our clothing are of good quality and low price, which have attracted much attention in European and American markets.

If you are interesting in our product please get in touch with me by email,

Tel:+0086 13156575272

Always believe that we will provide you favorable price include best service.


Mr. Xu

Email time:14:09:08 1597990148503

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