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Friday, April 15, 2011

MATH and Physics tutor

MATH and Physics tutor
Expert Math Tutoring with www.TutorState.com

Dear Parent —

You remember the feeling - the teacher writes a math problem on the board and quickly demonstrates the solution. Ninety percent of it goes over your head, but you're too nervous or embarrassed to ask the teacher to explain it again… or to explain it another way. You figure your friends all must understand every word, because they're not asking any questions.

If you are researching math tutoring the chances are that your child is experiencing this same feeling right now. He or she may be feeling overwhelmed, and as much as you want to see your child be successful at school, seeing your son or daughter struggle with math is likely taking an emotional toll on you, as well.

Whether it's Algebra or Calculus, Geometry or Arithmetic, at some point nearly everyone struggles with math class. (According to a 1999 UN study, 70% of students worldwide work with a tutor by the time they graduate from high school, most of them for help in math!) It's a challenging subject that doesn't come naturally for most of us - and my own experience is a great example. Through elementary and the beginning of middle school math was always one of my favorite classes. Then came algebra, and with it a class in which I had always been self-confident turned into one that I dreaded attending.

Fortunately for me, my parents signed me up with a great tutor. He was patient, he explained the concepts in a way and at a pace that fit my learning needs, and he built up my confidence so I could get back to enjoying math class.

Sometimes all that's needed is a little personalized attention. We have a great staff of expert math tutors, and we would love to be a resource for your family this school year!

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